The International School of Space Science (ISSS) began its activity in 1991. The School is organized by the Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Fisica Spaziale (C.I.F.S.) which joins several Italian Universities active in the field of Space Science (Catania, Firenze, L'Aquila, Milano, Roma "La Sapienza", Roma "Tor Vergata", Torino, Trieste) and Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF). Since foundation ISSS is directed by prof. U. Villante.
Course on:

Heliospheric physical processes for understanding
Solar-Terrestrial Relations

September 21-26, 2015 - L’Aquila, Italy

A good understanding of solar-terrestrial processes is fundamental to modelling the influence of solar variability on the Earth's environment and climate. To capture all the physical aspects of the solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere-atmosphere interaction, and also the impact of solar variability on climate, the Sun-Earth system has to be studied as a whole. The main purpose of this school is to provide graduate, PhD students and also young post-doc researchers with a global view of the main physical processes by which solar variability affects the Earth's environment. In addition, an overview of different data analysis and methods for describing solar-terrestrial relations will be given. The school will provide a mix of lectures and activities requiring students participation.