April 2023 Frontend research at low radio frequency Radio astronomy: Science and technical challenges

September 2022 Radiation Belt Dynamics and Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Plasmasphere

April 2022 The different spatio-temporal scales of the solar magnetism

February 2021 Dynamical Systems and Machine Learning Approaches to Sun-Earth Relations

June 2019 Space Astrometry For Astrophysics

September 2018 The Polar Upper Atmosphere: From Science to Operational Issues

June 2018 The Dark Side of the Universe

September 2017 Complexity and Turbulence in Space Plasmas

June 2017 Cosmic Ray Physics in Space

September 2016 Planetary Interiors

June 2016 Ground and space-based instruments for future research in Solar-Terrestrial physics

September 2015 Heliospheric physical processes for understanding Solar-Terrestrial Relations

September 2014 1st Solar Orbiter Summer School "Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Sun and the Heliosphere with Solar Orbiter"

April 2014 Observing the Universe with the Cosmic Microwave Background

September 2012 Astrophysical and Space Plasmas

April 2011 Frontiers of Space Science: from Solar Activity to NEOs

September 2010 Gamma-ray Astrophysics in the Multimessenger Context

April 2009 Solar terrestrial physics from the polar regions (interrupted by the 6 April, 2009 earthquake)

April 2008 Geomagnetism and Ionosphere

September 2007 Turbulence and Waves in Space Plasmas

April 2007 Magnetospheric Dynamics

September 2006 Advanced School in Space Environment - ASSE 2006: SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS

March 2006 The Physics of the Sun: The Active Sun on your Active Desktop

2005 Gamma-Ray Bursts: from Astrophysics to Cosmology

2004 The New Solar System from CASSINI toward a "Second Generation" of Exploratory Missions

2003 New Prospects for Space Observations of the Dynamics of the Sun

2002 Cosmology and Fundamental Physics from Space

2001 Astroparticle and Gamma-Ray Physics in Space

2000 Sun-Earth Connection and Space Weather

1999 High - Resolution Observations in Astronomy

1998 3K Cosmology from Space

1997 The Sun as seen from Space

1996 Space Science from the Space Station

1995 Physics of Planets and Planetary Environments

1994 X-Ray Astronomy

1993 Solar System Plasma Physics

1992 Ultraviolet and Optical Astronomy from Space

1991 Infrared and Submillimetric Astronomy from Space